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Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

Test the overall security resilience of your organizational network.

  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Global Compliance
  • Certified Security Experts

We try to penetrate application protocol, network devices, servers, and IPs, to uncover vulnerabilities, such as unsanitised inputs that are susceptible to code attacks.

Infrastructure testing is needed to mitigate the risk of failure of any hardware or software component. When new infrastructure design is prepared for the software, it becomes necessary to perform a pen test to ensure if new infrastructure functionality is working as intended.

Benefits Of Infrastructure Security Testing

  • Will strong-proof your network system from existing vulnerabilities
  • Will boost users’ confidence in the brand
  • Will avoid getting penalised for millions
  • Will help meet compliance standards
  • Will help prepare for zero-day vulnerabilities


End Point Data Loss Protection(DLP)

Our dedicated DLP solution designed to protect sensitive data on managed endpoint devices from data disclosure and theft by leveraging advanced data loss prevention strategies, which include detecting and classifying data as well as defining rules for authorised usage and secure transmission.


Wifi Security

Wireless security is the prevention of unauthorized access or damage to computers or data using wireless networks, which include Wi-Fi networks. The term may also refer to the protection of the wireless network itself from adversaries seeking to damage the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the network.


Network and Server Security

Network-level infrastructure security consumes the bulk of resources in an infrastructure security program. The network level is generally considered the largest and most vulnerable of the enterprise when it comes to security risk, and as such there are an abundance of available tools for protecting the network level than at other levels.



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