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Web Security

Web Security

Web security refers to the protective measures and protocols that organisations adopt to protect the organisation from cyber criminals and threats that use the web channel. Web security is critical to business continuity and to protecting data, users and companies from risk.

Benefits of Web Security

For a modern enterprise, effective web security has broad technical and human benefits:

  • Protect your business and stay compliant by preventing loss of sensitive data
  • Protect customers and employees by securing their private information
  • Avoid costly service interruptions by preventing infections and exploits
  • Offer a better user experience by helping your users stay safe and productive
  • Maintain customer loyalty and trust by staying secure and out of the news


Secure ICAP Gateway

Secure ICAP Gateway (ICAP) is a fully automated solution that augments the security of critical information flowing through an organisation’s existing web proxy infrastructure or managed file transfers (MFT).

With the movement of data both internally and externally through web or MFT solutions comes risks of accidental exposure of critical information or receiving hidden threats within documents or images. The added security features of ICAP enable organisations to inspect content for sensitive information, malware, or even high-risk executables that pose a threat to your data.

Benefits of Secure ICAP Gateway:

  • Adaptive security
  • Complete visibility of data being shared
  • Complete existing infrastructure
  • Real-time content modification
  • Inbound protection
  • Integrated with GoAnyWhere Managed File Transfer


Secure Web Gateway

A secure web gateway protects an organisation from online security threats and infections by enforcing company policy and filtering Internet-bound traffic. A secure web gateway is an on-premise or cloud-delivered network security service. Sitting between users and the Internet, secure web gateways provide advanced network protection by inspecting web requests against company policy to ensure malicious applications and websites are blocked and inaccessible. A secure web gateway includes essential security technologies such as URL filtering, application control, data loss prevention, antivirus, and https inspection to provide organisations with strong web security.


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